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ACQYR Conflict Resolution: Resolve Conflict with Conflict Management Techniques

ACQYR Conflict Resolution - Manage Conflict and Mitigate Problems with the ACQYR Conflict Resolution Booklet

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Conflict is an Everyday Occurrence.

Unproductive conflict can create unnecessary distractions, stifle productivity and harm relationships. But can you use conflict to your advantage? Can conflict improve the quality of your decisions and the ultimate success of your projects and relationships? Absolutely.

In the ACQYR Conflict Resolution handbook, you will learn how to achieve sustainable personal and business growth and greater productivity through more innovative solutions. You will also learn how to identify negative conflict styles and behaviors and how you can counter them with your own positive actions.

Conflict Is Everywhere!

Everyday you deal with competitors, perfectionists, dominators, accommodators, avoiders, regulators, insulators, and compromisers. What a battle! Plus, everyone behaves and reacts differently to the environmental factors around them, making conflict management even more challenging.

Besides, you’re just too busy to find the time to read books on conflict resolution or attend conflict mediation workshops, even though you’d love to. That’s why we created the ACQYR Skills Series. Learn how to use conflict to your advantage with the ACQYR Conflict Resolution handbook.

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ACQYR Conflict Resolution Benefits

With ACQYR Conflict Resolution, you’ll learn the foundations of conflict management in 16 short, but action-packed color and fully illustrated pages. This handbook is more than a summary about how to deal with conflict. With exclusive interviews with experts in the field, case studies relevant to your life, and short snippets of ideas and strategies, ACQYR Conflict Resolution contains information that you will be using on a daily basis.

Plus, with the bonus competency review worksheet, you can ensure that the material is understood and retained.

Why ACQYR Conflict Resolution?

Consider the cost of not purchasing. Consider the cost of inaction. Consider the cost of keeping the status quo. Your problems will be the same whether it’s a year from now or 10 years from now. Will you be satisfied with yourself? Will you be happy with the end result?

What is the value of a healthier and more productive work environment? How much time and money will you save by forging and maintaining more positive relationships? What does peace of mind mean to you?

If you make the conscious decision to invest in yourself and boost your skill set, you really can change your life for the better. You will enjoy your personal and professional life with a renewed outlook.

You won’t regret investing in your future.

We’d also encourage you to read more about the bright and experienced experts who contributed to the ACQYR Skills Series.

Get ACQYR Conflict Resolution Now - Conflict Management Solutions

Solve Conflict, Manage Conflict, Maximize Your Productivity with ACQYR Conflict Resolution

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Get ACQYR Conflict Resolution Now - Conflict Management Solutions

ACQYR Conflict Resolution Highlights

  • Identifying and Managing the Creation of Conflict
  • How to Differentiate Positions from Interests
  • Identifying Conflict Styles and Behaviors
  • Positive Conflict Styles and Behaviors
  • Leaders and Conflict
  • The Importance of I-Messages
  • Interview with Expert and Consultant Michael Sheard, MBA
  • Interview with Mediator Grant Dow, LL.B.
  • Strategies Through Stories: “A Disastrous Job Promotion” Case Study
  • Strategies Through Stories: “Unequal Business Partners” Case Study
  • Conflict Resolution Structure
  • Conflict Mapping
  • “Fishbowl” and “Balcony” Conflict Management Technique
  • Quick Checklist
  • Actionable Next Steps
  • BONUS: ACQYR Conflict Resolution Worksheet
Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management Statistics in the Work Place

What people are saying…

“Practical resources that tackle everyday work related stresses.”

“ACQYR’s skills series consist of clear and practical resources that tackle everyday work related stresses. Thought provoking facts and quotes, proven theory and interesting interviews are used to reinforce concepts that we can all use to make our work life more enjoyable.”

-Christine Arsenault, Co-op Management Program Manager at the University of Toronto

“Absolutely exceeded every expectation I had.”

“I’ve got to tell you that the ACQYR Skills reports are amazing. From the content to the paper you’ve printed them on, the reports have absolutely exceeded every expectation I had. The format is easy to read, the graphic design is fun and useful, and of course the content is relevant and accurate. Oh yeah, and your “worksheet,” the added insert, takes your reports to a whole other level! Very impressive. Huge value for my buck!”

-Jackey Backman, Speaker & Writer, One Spirit Inc.

“Inform and educate in an entertaining way…”

“As a Professor who teaches courses in business and management, and as a consultant who runs training workshops, I am impressed with ACQYR’s brief and colourful workbooks. These inform and educate in an entertaining way, and the worksheets are sure to be useful to any management trainer looking to engage and involve course participants.”

-Chris Bovaird, University of Toronto and Bovaird & Associates Management Training

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