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ACQYR Experts in Conflict Resolution and Stress Management

The ACQYR team extends far and wide as we assembled a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of experts and consultants to ensure a high quality and valuable ACQYR Skills report series. Read below for a little bit about the team.

Ronnie NijmehRonnie Nijmeh – President and Founder

Ronnie Nijmeh is the president and founder of ACQYR, a business and motivational resource that provides strategies and skills applicable to your daily life. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Toronto. Ronnie is the author of ACQYR Stress Busters – a 180-page reference binder about stress. He is also a speaker and coach. Contact Ronnie.

Bryan DaviesBryan Davies, LL.B. – Research Director

Bryan Davies is the Director of ZASwonderwords, a Canadian based writing and research consultancy. Prior to establishing ZASwonderwords, Bryan enjoyed a wide-ranging career as a criminal lawyer, security consultant and elite level sport coach, a blend of experience that has provided him with unique insights into the nature of and successful resolution of conflicts of every kind. He can be reached via email.

Mathew WilliamsMathew Williams – Management Consultant

Mathew Williams is an instructor at Clover Park Technical College in Retail Business Marketing for 30 years. Mathew has been awarded the Puget Sound Energy Distinguished Faculty Award and has coordinated the creation of internship programs for college students in the Washington community. A graduate from the University of Washington and member of the National Retail Merchants Association since 1980, he can be reached via email.

Bill McConkeyBill McConkey, MBA – Management Consultant

Bill McConkey is a management consultant and University of Toronto lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Operations Management. Bill worked in the high tech sector before completing his MBA (Ottawa) in 1995. In 1998, Bill and two business partners launched Forest Integration Group Ltd, a consulting firm that provides management services to emerging high technology companies, and in 2000, he and his wife Monica created the Arma Dei publishing company.

Michael SheardMichael Sheard, MBA – Conflict Resolution Expert

Michael Sheard retired from the Delta (British Columbia) Police Service after 25 years of policing. Michael was appointed director of security at the University of British Columbia (UBC) then led a large security company in Toronto as its vice-president. A graduate of the Royal Roads University MBA program, specializing in leadership and conflict resolution, Michael now heads Sheard Consulting in Vancouver. He can be reached through his website or via email.

Grant DowGrant Dow, LL.B. – Conflict Resolution Expert

As the managing partner of the civil litigation firm, Flaherty, Dow, Elliott and McCarthy, based in Toronto, Grant R. Dow has been involved in alternative dispute resolution matters as counsel since 1993. Certified as an expert in civil litigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada since 1997, Grant now conducts a significant portion of his practice in private mediation settings, directly resolving disputes without the use of the traditional adversarial approach of the trial courts. He can be reached via email.

Melissa SțerDr. Melissa Stoppler РStress Relief Expert

Dr. Melissa Stoppler is a well-regarded expert in stress management. Based in Augusta, Georgia, Dr. Stoppler combines her knowledge as a practicing physician and her own medical research to provide authoritative insights into the many aspects of stress. Dr. Stoppler was both the editor and the producer of “About Stress Management,” a website with over 1000 pages of information, a part of the About.com network. She now writes in-depth articles regarding stress and other medical issues for MedicineNet and is a Medical Editor and Author for WebMD.

Rick PoeRick Poe – Stress Relief Expert

Born and raised in Oakville, Ontario, Rick Poe moved to the United States in his early 20’s. His interest in flying took him to the United States Army, where he became a member of the elite Special Operations Unit for nine years. Rick Poe is currently a licensed commercial pilot and security expert based in San Antonio, Texas.

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