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ACQYR Stress Relief: Stress Management Solutions

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ACQYR Stress Relief - Manage Stress, Not Eliminate Stress with the ACQYR Stress Relief Booklet

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Stress Has A Negative Connotation.

“Stress is bad. Stress is harmful. Stress should be completely avoided.” This just is not the case. Stress can be managed to your advantage. Without any form of stress, nothing will be accomplished and you’ll be left unfulfilled and bored. But what if you could use stress to help further your goals, increase your productivity, and boost the value of your staff or colleagues? Truth is, you can. And you will.

In the ACQYR Stress Relief handbook, you will learn how to use stress positively and strategically to ensure a healthy work environment. You will also learn how to develop your relaxation competencies so you are able to manage stress more effectively.

Stress is Inevitable!

You’re bombarded with attention-grabbing and time-sucking distractions including meetings and family commitments that compete for your time and energy. Plus, there are just too many things going on at the same time, all of which demand your immediate attention.

You’re just too busy to find the time to read books on stress relief or attend stress management workshops, even though you’d love to. That’s why we created the ACQYR Skills series. Learn how to make stress work for you with ACQYR Stress Relief handbook.

Learn more about the ACQYR Skills - ACQYR Stress Relief booklet

ACQYR Stress Relief Benefits

With ACQYR Stress Relief, you’ll learn the foundations of stress management in just 16 short, but action-packed color and fully illustrated pages. This handbook is more than a summary about how to deal with stress. With exclusive interviews with experts in the field, case studies relevant to your life, and short snippets of ideas and strategies, ACQYR Stress Relief contains information that you will be using on a daily basis.

Plus, with the bonus competency review worksheet, you can ensure that the material is understood and retained.

Why ACQYR Stress Relief?

Consider the cost of not purchasing. Consider the cost of inaction. Consider the cost of keeping the status quo. Your problems will be the same whether it’s a year from now or 10 years from now. Will you be satisfied with yourself? Will you be happy with the end result?

What is the value of a healthier and more productive work environment? How much time and money will you save by forging and maintaining more positive relationships? What does peace of mind mean to you?

If you make the conscious decision to invest in yourself and boost your skill set, you really can change your life for the better. You will enjoy your personal and professional life with a renewed outlook.

You won’t regret investing in your future.

We’d also encourage you to read more about the bright and experienced experts who contributed to the ACQYR Skills Series.

Get ACQYR Stress Relief Now - Stress Management Solutions

Solve Stress, Manage Your Stress, Maximize Your Productivity with ACQYR Stress Relief

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Get ACQYR Stress Relief Now - Stress Management Solutions

Get Stress Relief Now For Only $17

ACQYR Stress Relief Highlights

  • 6 Myths about Stress
  • How to Deal with External Forces
  • How to Develop an Internal Focus
  • Dealing with Seasonal Stress
  • Using Positive Self-Talk
  • Developing Relaxation Competencies
  • Interview with Stress Expert Dr. Melissa Stoppler
  • Interview with Rick Poe, Former US Army Fighter Pilot
  • Strategies Through Stories: “A Colleague Clash” Case Study
  • Strategies Through Stories: “An Untimely Crunch” Case Study
  • Quick Checklist
  • Actionable Next Steps
  • BONUS: ACQYR Stress Relief Worksheet

Stress Relief and Stress Management Statistics in the Work Place

What people are saying…

“Practical resources that tackle everyday work related stresses.”

“ACQYR’s skills series consist of clear and practical resources that tackle everyday work related stresses. Thought provoking facts and quotes, proven theory and interesting interviews are used to reinforce concepts that we can all use to make our work life more enjoyable.”

-Christine Arsenault, Co-op Management Program Manager at the University of Toronto

“Useful primer…”

“Stress now comes as standard – there’s no escaping it. But how much is useful? And how much is damaging? ACQYR Stress Relief is a useful primer that gives an overview of the different forms of stress and some actions you can take to reduce it.”

-Michael Bungay Stanier, Box of Crayons, 2006 Canadian Coach of the Year

“Absolutely exceeded every expectation I had.”

“I’ve got to tell you that the ACQYR Skills reports are amazing. From the content to the paper you’ve printed them on, the reports have absolutely exceeded every expectation I had. The format is easy to read, the graphic design is fun and useful, and of course the content is relevant and accurate. Oh yeah, and your “worksheet,” the added insert, takes your reports to a whole other level! Very impressive. Huge value for my buck!”

-Jackey Backman, Speaker & Writer, One Spirit Inc.

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