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ACQYR Coaching

Coaching is client centered. That means you.

With coaching, the agenda is completely determined by you. The coach acts in concurrence with you.  Unlike in counseling, a coach doesn’t talk down to you or focus on “fixing” you.  You’re not broken. A coach believes that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole and you should be treated as such.

A coach is like a personal navigator.  As opposed to looking to the past, a coach looks at the present and the future and what can be done today to reach greater goals and successes.

Your coach will:

  • Support you and provide you with an outlet to discuss where you are today and how you will grow to become who you want to be tomorrow
  • Look at what you can do today to help you reach your goals tomorrow
  • Help you come to your own solutions
  • Encourage you to use your unique skills and talents to reach greater successes that you didn’t know even know were possible
  • Hold you accountable so you are more likely to implement life changes

An important aspect of coaching is reinforcement and accountability.  ACQYR coaching is typically set in two-week intervals (or whatever timeframe you desire) and takes place via phone.  At the end of the session you are accountable for some sort of activity or responsibility.  While it’s not homework, it may be trying a new strategy to better manage stress, for example.  The purpose is to create accountability so you are more likely to implement life changes.

We will work with you to help you develop customized action plans. This will ensure the greatest results in your personal and professional life.

For more details please contact us or call 1-877-438-3048.

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