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Positive Affirmations with Eleesha – Video 2

by on June 16th, 2008

Eleesha comes across as a person that is easy to identify with. Her voice is soothing and she really opened up my mind to new ways of positive thinking. I find her expressive while not being overly intrusive.

I liked the plain backgrounds and that her messages are separated from the conversation. This makes the message behind the video stand out more than if the two were not distinctly separated.

Key Points from this Positive Affirmation Video:

  • I will achieve
  • I will attain my hopes
  • I deserve love and abundance
  • I am as worthy as anyone else
  • I deserve all that I wish for in life

Overall Rating (1-5): 5

Entertainment Rating (1-5): 4

This positive affirmation video by Eleesha is not so much entertaining as it is engaging. Her voice is the main pull to the videos as it flows smoothly and is expressive.

Instructional Rating (1-5): 3

The video does not teach but rather delivers a message on a personal level. The messages in this video has a lesson, but the lesson is one of spiritual and personal growth through confidence that is not done in an instructing manner.

Sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to Elizabeth Giffin for this in-depth inspirational video review!

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