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ACQYR Archive for September 2004

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“How Can I Find My Passion?”

“How Can I Find My Passion?”

Tuesday, 28th September 2004 @ 08:15 - (No Comments)
Vladimir from Serbia and Montenegro had a great question: “Results are only one important piece of the puzzle, but there’s one thing that I’m missing. You have to feel a strong desire to do what you want. You must be “starving” for success. But how can we make ourselves so passionate and enthusiastic? Some people […]
Sorry, but Knowin’ Ain’t Doin’

Sorry, but Knowin’ Ain’t Doin’

Thursday, 16th September 2004 @ 08:45 - (No Comments)
Go over to your bookcase and count the self-help, business and how-to books you’ve bought. Now add in all the audio tapes and CDs you own, plus the seminars you’ve attended. Next, go back through and count only those books, tapes and CDs that you’ve completely read or listened to, all the way through. If […]
Just Do Something

Just Do Something

Friday, 3rd September 2004 @ 08:45 - (No Comments)
There are many keys to success, but they all depend on one thing: action. No one ever experiences success in any area of life without first taking some action. No amount of good training, excellent planning or benevolent intention will ever create success. Not even a little. Now, that may not be news to many […]


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