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About ACQYR: Goals, Passion & Mission

Welcome to ACQYR! (Pronounced: “Acquire”)

ACQYR began in 2003 as a mission to provide a solid foundation of strategies and skills that are compatible with your life. These ideas are meant to stimulate positive action and create a more healthy personal and professional life. We want to give you a foundation of ideas that you can identify with and actually apply to your daily living.

In 2005, we launched ACQYR Skills, a report series on transferable skills. We have enlisted the help of a team of experts and advisors to provide you a fresh and well-rounded approach to skill development.

As ACQYR has grown, so has the number of people we have touched through our work. This, in itself, has made all of our effort worth it! We work for you and we strive to make a positive difference for you in your life.

The People

Ronnie Nijmeh (pronounced: “Nij-may”) is the president and founder of ACQYR (pronounced as: “Acquire”), a personal skill development firm based in Toronto, Canada.

Ronnie has authored dozens of articles on a wide range of topics including motivation, people management, strategy, success, stress, and conflict.  He is an accomplished author, speaker and coach who has been a featured stress expert in print, television and radio.

Prior to ACQYR, Ronnie led a team of over 100 software testers while also managing technical support and new product development before becoming Director of Business Development for a California-based software company. He has also founded numerous successful online software distribution companies.

Ronnie has given seminars for such organizations as the University of Toronto, the City of Toronto (Enterprise Toronto), and He is an author of 3 books on stress and conflict, and a co-author of “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health.”

He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with High Distinction from the University of Toronto and has many lessons and experiences in people and business management that he wishes to share with you.

Other ACQYR Experts: Take a look at the ACQYR Skills team of experts. This team is comprised of doctors, lawyers, administrators, managers, professors, and even a former fighter pilot. What do they all have in common? They collaborated their knowledge to create the ACQYR Skills products – ACQYR Stress Relief and ACQYR Conflict Resolution.

Your Involvement

To become successful takes effort. To make a difference in your life takes effort. But to read this site every day or two takes no effort. It takes a quick bookmark of ACQYR and the effort of scrolling your eyes from left to right using a method that we like to call “reading.” This small effort becomes a habit and all of the small efforts put forth to reading ACQYR grows into your daily life, your daily routine, and your daily journey towards success.

We will also love to draw upon the knowledge and experience of university professors and business professionals. If you’re interested in submitting articles, products for review, or want to help out in some way, contact us.

For those aspiring professionals, students, or life-long knowledge seekers, we more than welcome your presence and contributions! We are all here to engage our minds, and develop our skills. Don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you would like to chat, have questions, or have some great ideas that you want to talk about.

We’ll be painting a new world of success and you’re all welcome to join us! Make a difference in your future, Live. Learn. ACQYR.

Your partner on your road to success,

Ronnie Nijmeh

President & Founder
Contact Us

ACQYR | 364 Old Kingston Road | Box 97578 | Toronto | Ontario | M1C4Z1 | Canada | 1-877-438-3048

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