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Anxiety Affirmations

I have no need to worry about the unknown. I enjoy living in the moment.

I feel confident about who I am so I have no need to worry about the unknown. I am certain about today so I enjoy living in the moment. There is a peace within that keeps me in a state of reassurance that tomorrow will take care of itself.

I love and cherish my life. It is the special moments that I hold on to and treasure because they may be gone tomorrow. Anxiety is an unhealthy choice and I refuse to let worry sap me of my energy to live a victorious life.

I am grateful for what I have today and allow joy creep into my soul to block any worrisome thoughts that may come... Continue Reading...

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I am fully capable of managing any challenge that comes my way.

I am a thoughtful and capable person. I can maneuver past any obstacle that is placed in my way. Barriers may attempt to block my path, but I will remain resolute. I am motivated to achieve my goals, and I will not be hindered.

Obstacles do not intimidate me because I am strong. I rise to challenges, I stand boldly before them, and... Continue Reading...


I am removing the blindfold of anxiety and focusing on the gold at the end of the rainbow.

I am able to see opportunities for success in my life. I am open to experiencing good things because I deserve happiness and success.

When I become overwhelmed by anxiety, I choose to allow fear to blind me. This fear is limiting and it robs me of opportunity, so, I choose not to do this any longer.

Anxiety is a blindfold that... Continue Reading...


I can confine my concerns into a manageable format.

It is natural to have concerns. My concerns can help me identify worry and anxiety. By recognizing my concerns I can take actions to soothe my nerves and eliminate doubts.

Each concern I have is a thread. These threads occasionally enter my mind. When I ignore my concerns, I create an untidy and unmanageable tangle of threads.
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I am strong and competent.

I recognize my talents and abilities and know that I am strong and competent. There is nothing that I cannot do. I can conquer my fear of the unknown and I am on a path of no resistance.

My strength is what gets me through each day and helps me to be self confident in who I am. I have no reason to doubt that I can do anything I set my mind... Continue Reading...


I let go of the feeling of being in unknown territory.

I know that I will be okay in unfamiliar situations and I can let go of my need to control it.

As I walk through life I am strengthened by each experience I have. I allow myself to let go of the need for control and I will let life unfold around me. Life is a beautiful experience and I choose to embrace it warmly.

Sometimes when... Continue Reading...


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