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Attitude Affirmations

Impulsive thoughts cannot be found in my mind.

Impulsive thoughts cannot be found in my mind because I am calm and in control. I keep everything in clear perspective, and I constantly practice balance throughout my personal and professional life. I also make it a point to handle all activities to the best of my abilities.

In my view, impulsive behavior equates to excessive behavior, so I am not an overindulgent, extreme, or wasteful person. I honor my Creator, personal relationships, the environment, and myself by not engaging in reckless, irresponsible conduct. I exercise good judgment, and I am rewarded by utter happiness... Continue Reading...

Recent Articles

I live a life of prayer and thankfulness.

I live a life of prayer and thankfulness every chance I get. Being thankful is that side of me that wants to reach out and advertise all the wondrous blessings I have received. When I think of the countless big and small things that grace my day, I just want to exclaim, “thank you!”

The warm hug that I received from a friend,... Continue Reading...


I accept the faults of others.

I accept the faults of others because I am understanding. I realize that by accepting our faults, we render them powerless. Faults are virtually useless without the fuel of shame, judgment, and condemnation. I make it my practice to consistently fend off preconceived notions and hasty conclusions.

I view the faults of others as training... Continue Reading...


I accept my faults.

I accept my faults because I am responsible. My mind and spirit are enriched by the acceptance of who I am. And, who I am includes my gifts as well as my faults.

My faults do not control me, nor do they define me. They are my stepping-stones to an improved me, and they remind me of the level of my potential. Without my faults, I would... Continue Reading...


I am creative.

I am creative because I am me. There is no one else who exists that is quite like me. I am a piece of rare art that my Creator molded, shaped, whittled, decorated, and refined. And when my Creator was done, the mold was broken and thrown away. I am unique.

Every freckle on my face, each strand of hair on my head, the slant of my smile,... Continue Reading...



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