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Where Women are Paying More Video

This video looks at the idea that women are often discriminated against in the market place.  For instance, men often pay less for a new car and it has also been documented that they pay less for care care or repairs.  One place that women have also found that they are paying more is at the dry cleaners.

While it is true that women often pay more at the dry cleaners, the video establishes the fact that there is good reason for this.  The reason is that women’s shirts are often more labor intensive and just don’t fit on the dry cleaning machines the way a man does.  So... Continue Reading...

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Making Money from Your Hobby Video

This is a video about a woman who shares how she took something that she loved doing for herself and family members and made it something she could do for a living.  The video gives some great tips from someone who has taken their hobby and made money with it as well as a business expert.

Key Points from this Video: • You... Continue Reading...


Developing Interview Skills Video

In this video the speaker shares some of his tips about how to interview well for a job.  The speaker doesn’t just give them in a straight forward manner, he gives a lot of his own personal experience and goes about sharing tips in a very editorial style, though he offers some great tips.

If you have more than five or 10 minutes to... Continue Reading...


Bigger Mortgage Payments or Investment Video

This video shows a report covering the pros and cons of either making larger mortgage payments each month or investing your money. The bottom line is about saving money and if you can save more money by making larger payments and paying less interest, or making money through investments.

In the current economic climate many people aren’t... Continue Reading...


Hospitality for the Homeless Video

This video covers the charitable acts of many who have found a way to get the people out of the alleys and streets behind their businesses.  Instead of turning the other cheek to the homeless many organizations are hiring the homeless who need a second chance.



Key Points from this Video: • There... Continue Reading...


Your Chances of Being Audited Video

In this video the chances of being audited are examined. Filing taxes is stressful for a lot of people and many people fear being audited. While it is a fear for a lot of people, many people are never audited and in this video your odds will be unveiled.

Key Points from this Video: • Anyone can be audited. • Those... Continue Reading...



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