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I am losing weight for me, because I love me.

My decision to lose weight is a choice, not an obligation. I am choosing to make my well-being a priority.

I have made this choice because I care about myself. No one is forcing this decision on me – and I can stop at any time – but I choose to continue because I am looking forward to the reward of a slimmer and more energized me.

I do not see my weight loss plan as deprivation. I view it as an investment that I know will lead to greater good, to a level of satisfaction with myself and my life that food can never give me.

I am choosing to fill my... Continue Reading...

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My good health and level of productivity are the rewards from the nourishing foods I am putting into my body.

My body is in intricate system. I wouldn’t fuel a sports car with sludge and expect it to win a race! In the same way, I cannot feed my body junk and expect it to serve me well.

Yes, my body likely will continue to run for years, no matter what I put into it, but I am not satisfied with that. It is not enough for me merely to function.... Continue Reading...


I am proud to reach out to those who can help me instead of leaning on food for comfort.

I am proud to reach out to others, rather than relying on food for comfort, because I know this is sign that I am growing and maturing. I am not ashamed that I need comfort at times and I am a healthier person because I have learned how to ask for help.

I am learning to tune into my feelings so I can view them as a source of life and creativity.... Continue Reading...


Weight gain happens over time, so my weight loss equally requires time, patience, and a lifestyle change.

Weight gain happens over time, so it is fair to expect my weight loss to require an equal amount of time and effort through my chosen lifestyle change.

I am encouraged by any progress, even if it seems slow, because I do not expect perfection overnight. I set reasonable goals for myself that I know I can achieve and this helps me make consistent... Continue Reading...



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