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Benefits of the Acai Berry Video

In this video you’ll learn all about the very popular acai berry.  This is a berry that has been getting global attention because it is said to help with weight loss, energy, immune system support, and more.  These berries really are the talk of the health world right now.

In this video you will be introduced to some facts about the acai berry such as its protein and antioxidant values, and even a product that contains the berry.  If you struggle with your energy level this may be a berry that you want to research and see if it is right for you.

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Moisturizing Our Skin Video

In this video the viewer will learn all about their skin and how our skin is able to moisturize itself.  We often think deep cleansers, lotions, and creams are needed but this is not necessarily true.  Our body is able to keep our skin moist through the production of sebum and natural moisturizing factors.

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The Truth About Stretch Marks Video

This video is hosted by Dr. Erika and she spends some time addressing stretch marks.  Stretch marks are something that both men and women of all ages may have to deal with.  Many people see their first stretch marks after a pregnancy or after a weight gain and then weight loss.

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Curing Acne with a Simple Household Product Video

In this video you will learn how you can treat your acne.  Millions of people are plagued by acne and they find that the over the counter treatments just don’t work well.  Those who find prescription treatments find that they are too harsh.  Oddly enough, there is a household product that can help you clear your acne.

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How You Can Fight Hair Loss Video

This is a video all about how you can fight against hair loss.  Hair loss affects a great many people from all walks of life, all cultures, and of all ages.  Luckily there are some things that you can do to slow down or stop the hair loss process.  The first thing you can do is start to eat better.  A balanced diet will help you be healthier overall. ... Continue Reading...


Women and Hair Loss Video

In this video the host talks about why women lose hair.  He goes through the five most common reasons that women lose their hair.  These are reasons that a lot of people might actually be surprised about.  Thankfully, there are ways around this hair loss for a lot of women. In some cases it is just changing a medication, learning not to stress so... Continue Reading...


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