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Healthy Living and Exercise: Live to be 100!

It is no longer unusual to hear about people living to be more than a hundred years old. You, and many others, may be wondering what these centenarians are doing right. It’s pretty simply, really. The secret is eating well and staying active. Think about how popular the Senior Olympics is and how many people participate in it. These people take their health seriously and it shows.

Your body changes as you get older but staying active will help keep these changes from happening as fast. Staying active is important for staying healthy as you get older and avoiding... Continue Reading...

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Famous Failures Video

When we look at famous people, we focus so much on their accomplishments that we forget about their journey. The people who have succeeded in their fields and made history are fallible humans, just like us. Yet they decided to forge on, even when rejections are piling up, because their human spirit would not quit. Eventually we see them standing on... Continue Reading...


Inspirational Movie for Your Success: The Impossible Dream

Can you do the impossible?

Roger Bannister did. He ran a mile in less than 4 minutes-a feat that doctors formerly thought was impossible for the human body. Bannister practiced and refused to listen to the “experts.” In doing so, he defied science and succeeded.

Since then, almost 1,000 people have done the impossible,... Continue Reading...


Inspirational Video – The Don’t Quit Poem

All of us will go through some form of hardship in our lives. Some people will move forward, but many would give up.

This video entreats us to focus our eyes on the goal. It reminds us that if we keep forging on, we will see the fruits of our labor, but we won’t have this opportunity if we give up so easily.

Without failure,... Continue Reading...


An Inspirational Video – Life’s Little Lessons

This video is a collection of inspiring quotes about life, love and relationships. Aptly titled “Life’s Little Lessons,” the video shows quotes packed with wisdom. Although some quotes are clichés, most of the quotes are sure to inspire.

Key Points from this Video:

• Don’t go for looks, they... Continue Reading...


Inspirational Video by Dr. Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture

Dr. Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon University professor who is dying of pancreatic cancer, gives a reprise of his last lecture at the Oprah show. He shares his childhood dreams-what they were and how he achieved most of them-and inspires people to go after theirs.

He also motivates people to live their lives with the correct principles... Continue Reading...


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