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Healthy Living and Exercise: Live to be 100!

It is no longer unusual to hear about people living to be more than a hundred years old. You, and many others, may be wondering what these centenarians are doing right. It’s pretty simply, really. The secret is eating well and staying active. Think about how popular the Senior Olympics is and how many people participate in it. These people take their health seriously and it shows.

Your body changes as you get older but staying active will help keep these changes from happening as fast. Staying active is important for staying healthy as you get older and avoiding... Continue Reading...

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Inspirational and Motivational Message from Life Coach Enzo Mucci

Many people seek change in their lives for many reasons. Many times, it all boils down to wanting a better quality of life – more than the money earned, more than the fame gained, and more than the pleasures experienced. All of these things may offer fulfillment, but, as Hollywood lifestyles show, it never lasts.

This video reminds... Continue Reading...


“Tree” Inspirational Video

Although this video rarely has any spoken dialogue and the background music is in a foreign language, it clearly depicts what teamwork is all about.

The video centers on a fallen tree in the middle of a busy road, where everyone is busy living their lives in their own little bubble. Everything changes when the little boy enters the scene.... Continue Reading...


Rules For Being Human Video

“You are enrolled in a full-time, informal school called life.”

This statement encapsulates the meaning of the video. Many people live and never realize that life is a never-ending series of lessons. Although we encounter failure, it is always an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. By learning these lessons, we grow and mature... Continue Reading...


Self Esteem Quotes Video

Quotes are full of wisdom to live by. These video presents a collection of quotes from famous people like Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. These quotes speak about life, self-confidence, and self-worth.

As you watch this video, be reminded of truths and claim them for yourself.

Key... Continue Reading...


Inspirational Quotes Slideshow Video

The video moves you through a whole tunnel of images, giving the impression that you are part of the video. The constant yet gentle stimulation this provided had me paying attention to the video more closely than I would have otherwise.

The music is fast paced and engaging. I felt as if I could do something great while I listened to the... Continue Reading...


Words of Wisdom – Inspirational Quotes Slideshow

This has some of the best graphically enhanced and created photographs and image I have seen in these videos. The art is enough to invoke the calming effect that the video is intending. The music is varied enough in its tempo that it does not become background noise, but rather a part of the images.

I found myself wanting to see more of... Continue Reading...


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