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Networking To Get Work

The first networking breakfast I ever attended was in 1982 at the Sheraton Hotel. It was a new Women’s Networking group and I was eager to meet everyone in the room. In fact, I would say that for the first 10 years I spent networking, I tried to collect as many cards as possible and to avoid long conversations with people who did not seem to be a potential client for my business.

Over the years, the role of networking – and my attitudes towards networking – have changed. I continue to attend a number of events each month – women’s networking groups, Chamber of Commerce... Continue Reading...

Recent Articles

Speaking for Success

Studies have shown that 90% of people are more afraid of speaking than of dying. So for anyone who thinks that they cannot do public speaking, consider it. I know that the two most cost-effective tools for marketing any business or organization are speaking and writing.

I first started my speaking career in 1992, with a free talk for the... Continue Reading...


Successful Special Events

We spent the last few articles talking about the basic tools of a marketing PR campaign, including “branding,” creating a visual image, and developing printed materials: business cards, brochures, newsletters, postcards, and Internet sites. This month, we’ll look at another powerful tool to market your company or organization – special... Continue Reading...


Creating A Successful Online Media Room

Last time, we talked about creating an Internet site as an element of your marketing mix. Hand in hand with your Internet site is an On-line Media Room, one of the fastest growing segments of marketing. If you want to see how other companies are already taking advantage of the On-line Media Room, input “Press Room” or “Media Room”... Continue Reading...


Adding a Website to your Marketing Mix

This month, we add a website to the brochures and newsletters in your Marketing Mix.

The web works best as one tool in your marketing strategy, so promote your site in everything you write: brochures, newsletters, articles, media kits, and sales kits.

The most important thing to remember about creating a website is to be realistic... Continue Reading...


Creating an Exciting Newsletter

I love newsletters. They can be internal (for employees) or external (for everyone else), print or e-mail. While the brochure is a great tool to get new clients, a well-done newsletter is the best, most cost-effective tool to keep all of your markets informed about what you are doing. I tell clients to send their newsletters to past, present, and potential... Continue Reading...


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