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Letting Go of Fear Video

This is a great video that will help you overcome the fear that you have in your life. Rabbi Shmuley talks candidly about why we feel fear: we have so many titles to live up to. It can be easy to give into the fear of failure and focus on making money and living up to our titles, but you can do away with fear by simply getting back to basics.

The fear of failure often drives us away from our families, but we should focus on overcoming the fear of insignificance. You will become significant to your family if you just put forth the effort, letting go of the fear.

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How You Can Clear Your Mind Video

This is a video that features J.T. Who walks the viewer through some great techniques (five to be exact) that will help them clear their minds and deal with the overwhelming flow of thoughts in their mind.

These techniques can be employed right now, allowing the viewer to take positive action while viewing the video right after, some of... Continue Reading...


The Reality of Hypnosis Video

This is a great video all about hypnosis. There are a lot of myths out there about what hypnosis is and is not. If you have watched movies where you see people do things that are completely out of character with themselves you might be scared of the idea of hypnosis.

This video reveals the truth about hypnosis and what one can achieve and... Continue Reading...


Ayurveda Sleep Suggestions Video

In this video insomnia is explored from an Ayurveda point of video. The video gives some very helpful information on how you can cure insomnia naturally. Ayurveda is all about understanding the elements and the different types of people to be as healthy as possible. These suggestions are simple and effective.

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