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Don’t Go Dormant This Winter: Cures Those Wintertime Blues

So many people from all over the world just feel sort of “blue” during the winter months.  Often time it is the cold or the lack of sunlight, depending on where you live, but you don’t have to allow for the seasons to affect your life negatively.  It’s January and most areas are in the height of their winter season and the blues are settling in for many.

Instead of handing yourself over to the blues this summer, fight back.

Three Great Ways to Cure the Wintertime Blues • Take a vacation or go on a small getaway during the height of the... Continue Reading...

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How to Use Free Positive Affirmations

Free positive affirmations are all around you just waiting to be implemented when you are ready.  There are affirmations of every variety including those that will help you with stress, finances, family problems, diet and weight loss, motivation, work, health, relationships, and more.

There are countless ways in which free positive... Continue Reading...


The Three Affirmations You Wish You Knew Yesterday

Did you have a bad experience yesterday that may taint every moment moving forward?  We all have those days where we feel like our worlds have been turned upside down.  

It is easy to allow negative thoughts to get the best of you. It’s easy to make the (rather hasty) decision that every day will be a bad day from here on... Continue Reading...


The Five Lessons I’ve Learned from Creating Get Unstuck & Get Going …on the stuff that matters

Lesson One:  Got an idea?  Ask yourself “so what?” Having a good idea is the easy part of innovation.  It’s so easy, it’s not worth even getting excited about it.

You’ve got to spend some time checking out whether your idea has legs.  There are two places to look:

You. Do you care enough about... Continue Reading...


So you think you know what’s going on…

… but trust me, you don’t. In fact, none of us do. We’re very visual creatures, and although this seems to be a great measure for what is and what isn’t – "I’ll believe it when I see it" – consider this:

• We can’t see (and don’t know) what makes up most of the universe • We... Continue Reading...


It’s a Catastrophe! The Fine Art of Catastrophizing

It’s a Catastrophe! Today’s common understanding of “catastrophe” – a sudden disaster – is not the word’s original meaning.  It first meant “a reversal of what is expected,” something altogether more broad, more benign and perhaps more useful (you’ll see the connection with words like “apostrophe,”... Continue Reading...


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