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When I feel insecure, I remain focused on things that I am passionate about.

There are times when I feel insecure. However, it is at these times that I remain focused on things that I am passionate about.

I commit my energy to a purpose much bigger than myself. My passion becomes the focal point and it inspires me. It builds my confidence in knowing that I can be a valuable contribution.

My self-worth depends on how I channel my time, thoughts, and energy. My attitude flourishes when I am engaged in something meaningful that I enjoy.

I am convinced that everyone should have a passion because it is the one thing that can heighten the self-esteem.... Continue Reading...

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I allow my rejuvenated mind to orchestrate direction, timing, motivation, and action.

I am a skilled conductor. With a knowledgeable hand and a clear focus, I coordinate the direction, timing, motivation, and actions of how I live. My movements gracefully steer me toward my goals. I am an active participant in my life.

Since I know that my life is guided by my own decisions, I am thoughtful. I take time to contemplate... Continue Reading...


I combine my different passions into a three-ring circus, and I get to play the ringmaster.

I am a ringmaster directing my own three-ring circus. My circus is how I exhibit my passions to the world.

I do not feel the need to limit my mind. I know that if I can accomplish one goal, I can accomplish many more. So I take steps toward developing each of my passions. In each ring of my circus I place one of my goals, then I allow... Continue Reading...


My passion is the pathway to worldly happiness.

Tucked away in my heart is a beautiful gift. It is the passion that my Creator wove within my soul. This is a tremendous gift because it means that I have been given desires and talents that are unique to me.

I have special abilities, exceptional thoughts, and precious truths. When I decide to honestly recognize my passions, I allow worldly... Continue Reading...


I have no need to do what others think I should. I am strengthened by doing the things I love to do.

When I do the things I love I am made stronger and in this way I am free to do what I choose.

I am a strong person with a fervent passion. When I act on what I love to do, I am free. I can accomplish what I desire and feel powerful. I am confident that what I choose to do in my life is right for me. It does not matter if I am doing what... Continue Reading...


I am passionate about my life purpose.

I am passionate about fulfilling my life purpose. I am a unique person with a special set of skills. There is no one else who has the exact combination of talents and experiences that I have. This powerful knowledge invigorates me.

Reflection has helped me identify my unique life purpose. I have listened to my heart and been honest... Continue Reading...


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