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Passion Affirmations

When I feel insecure, I remain focused on things that I am passionate about.

There are times when I feel insecure. However, it is at these times that I remain focused on things that I am passionate about.

I commit my energy to a purpose much bigger than myself. My passion becomes the focal point and it inspires me. It builds my confidence in knowing that I can be a valuable contribution.

My self-worth depends on how I channel my time, thoughts, and energy. My attitude flourishes when I am engaged in something meaningful that I enjoy.

I am convinced that everyone should have a passion because it is the one thing that can heighten the self-esteem.... Continue Reading...

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Igniting my passion is another way of showing how much I love myself.

I listen to my heart and pay attention to my passions because I love myself. By listening to my heart and pursuing my own interests, I am expressing a healthy appreciation for the unique individual that I was created to be.

I do not believe that I was put on Earth to take up “space.” I believe that my interests and passions were... Continue Reading...


I am passionate about my goals.

I know that I was created for a specific purpose and I am responsible for making it into a reality. This makes me so passionate and confident about my goals and I trust in my ability to get them done.

My passion and purpose are my driving force to follow the path that is ahead of me. I am a trailblazer and no one can stop me unless I choose... Continue Reading...


I allow new expressions of love in my heart without hard feelings.

I allow new expressions of love in my life without hard feelings because my relationships are fluid and constantly evolving.

I know that personal growth involves change and that one member of a relationship cannot change without affecting the other. And I see this as a good thing.

I cannot hang onto the status quo simply because... Continue Reading...


I am fully capable of achieving my heart’s desires. Roadblocks will never stop me.

Roadblocks will never stop me. They are simply an indicator that I need to take a new path to achieve my goal.

My desires are given to me by my Creator, who made me with a unique set of hopes and dreams for a reason. If I wish to reach my deepest dreams, I must be willing to go further than ever before. If I wait for success to be handed... Continue Reading...


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