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It’s a Catastrophe! The Fine Art of Catastrophizing

It’s a Catastrophe! Today’s common understanding of “catastrophe” – a sudden disaster – is not the word’s original meaning.  It first meant “a reversal of what is expected,” something altogether more broad, more benign and perhaps more useful (you’ll see the connection with words like “apostrophe,” whose etymology means in effect a “turning point.”) The extension of meaning to “sudden disaster” was first recorded in 1748, some 200 years after the first use of the word.

The Fine Art of Catastrophizing Many... Continue Reading...

Recent Articles

The Timing and Importance of Gratitude

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Gratitude is key. Key. It’s key to success. It’s key to maintaining and enhancing relationships. It’s key to persuading people. It’s key, period. When was the last time you said “thank you”?

There’s a team of people behind you who’ve... Continue Reading...


Compose Yourself! How to Resolve Conflict without the Aggravation

We’ve all had arguments with siblings as children, whether it was about toys or sharing a crayon. As a child we didn’t quite know how to express ourselves or our reasoning behind our desires, we just knew that we wanted something, we wanted it now, and raising our voice would certainly give us the attention we needed.

So what... Continue Reading...


Make Ideas Your (& Their) Own: Persuade Yourself and Others

Have you ever watched a TV program where the supporting actor has a grand idea only to find the lead actor immediately repeat the idea as if it were his own?

You’ve probably experienced it yourself! It goes something like:

Friend: “I’ve got it! We should go to Sparky’s for dinner!” Continue Reading...


Did You Say Something?

When they just won’t listen! Picture this: You’re standing face to face with someone having a conversation. They’ve just shared some vital information with you, and they ask you for your input. After you’ve taken a moment to think, you reply quickly and concisely.

It’s just as the last syllable is leaving your... Continue Reading...


Dealing with Dynamite – Explosive Behavior

Yes that’s right I’m talking about those people in our lives that resort to losing their minds every time things get tough. We all experience it, and for the most part we all behave that way at times.

How to Deal with Explosive Behavior • When dealing with explosive behavior first always separate the person from their... Continue Reading...


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