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Positive Affirmation Video Reviews

Manifesting Mega Wealth Affirmation Mind Movie

This video is for people who want to use affirmation to attain wealth. It is a collection of pictures of luxury cars, material possessions and expensive houses that a person hopes to absorb in his subconscious.

Although some of the words in this affirmation contain messages that better the person’s well-being, others are simply materialistic and focuses on what the person “wants.” It is a very ego-centric way of thinking and not as useful as other affirmation videos.

Key Points from this Inspirational Video:

• I am easily able to... Continue Reading...

Recent Articles

The Secret Affirmations Video

Psychologists have shown that affirmations work time and again. What we feed our subconscious comes out through our actions and beliefs, which influences our daily lives.

Renowned motivational speakers have built on this idea and created The Secret, marketed as an effective tool towards the path of success, wealth, and prosperity. It has... Continue Reading...


How to Support Yourself with Positive Self-Talk Video

“What we say to ourselves has a tremendous impact on our lives.”

Most people don’t recognize that our self-talk determines how we live our life. Communication expert Bill Lampton says that if you go into an interview thinking self-defeating, negative thoughts, you will start believing the thoughts and will act accordingly,... Continue Reading...


Be the DJ of Your Mental iPod Motivational Video

Your mental iPod could be playing music that is not conducive to your success.

Are you listening to The Blues (resigned thinking) or to Head-Banging Music (condemning thoughts)? Your inner self-talk needs to change if you’re going to see a change in yourself. The tone of voice needs to be loving and the phrase needs to be positive.Continue Reading...


Vision Video: Positive Affirmations for Abundance

A man riding a dollar bill that acts like a magic carpet. Money growing on trees. A woman having quality time with her camera.

This video shows in graphic detail the things that most people like to envision for themselves. With the theme of abundance, this video projects affirmations that focus on wealth, self-fulfillment, and reaching... Continue Reading...


Affirmations Inspirational Video

This is a clip that empowers and inspires starting with the opening music.

Adapted from the Olympics opening ceremony, the background music bursts from the outset with exuberance and joy. Strong affirmations appear in the video. Interestingly, the affirmations do not focus on wealth and selfish wants, but instead seek a transformation of... Continue Reading...


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