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Secrets to Losing Weight

Secrets to Losing Weight: Chinese Medicine

For millions of overweight people all over the world, losing weight has become an almost impossible dream. They have gone on countless diets, and may even have a tried one or two of those so-called miracle cures that come out in the market every so often.

The reason why most of these weight loss remedies don’t work is that the solutions they give are only temporary and do not address the root of the situation. If you want to stop your weight loss problems for good, the best method would be to use Chinese medicine. For centuries, Chinese medicine has been used as... Continue Reading...

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Secrets to Losing Weight: Chinese Herbs

Herbs have been around forever, but not many people realize that herbs actually hold the secret to true healthy weight loss. So many weight loss programs have been invented, but most of them don’t provide a real solution to the problem of being overweight.

If you want to resolve your weight loss issues for good, consider Chinese herbs.... Continue Reading...


Secrets to Losing Weight: Interval Training

Ask any weight loss expert and she will tell you that any kind of weight loss program isn’t complete without some kind of exercise training. For most people, this would mean countless hours walking on the treadmill, which can be quite boring if you do it every single day. If you want to liven up your exercise routine and also lose weight quickly... Continue Reading...


Secrets to Losing Weight: Interval Training for Weight Loss

Interval training is a type of workout method that is composed of short bursts of intensive training alternated with longer periods of moderate exercise routines like cardio. When you perform exercises that require a high level of exertion, your body will not be able to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide properly. This is why continuous... Continue Reading...


Secrets to Losing Weight: Bodyweight Exercises

Do you want to lose weight but you don’t have the extra money to spend on exercise machines or even a membership to the gym? Don’t despair! You are still perfectly capable of losing your excess weight by using nothing but your own body.

We are talking about bodyweight exercises, which are simply exercises that you can do wherever... Continue Reading...


Secrets to Losing Weight: Acupressure

Are you constantly struggling with weight issues? Are you tired of trying diet after diet with no apparent results? Millions of people are just as frustrated as you are as they go through a similar experience. Unknown to many though, there are other forms of weight loss solutions that can be much more effective that the traditional diets and exercise... Continue Reading...


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