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Top 10 Ways to Make This Your Best Week Ever

Feel like you are stuck in a rut and just going through the motions in your life?

You don’t have to continue to feel like this; in fact you can begin to change the course of your week and your life right now.

I’ve created a list of just a few ways to turn things around today.

Ten Ways to Make This Your Best Week Ever! • Go to bed early each night and get enough rest.  When you do this you’ll wake up more refreshed and actually get more accomplished during your waking hours. • Do something nice for someone in your life. When... Continue Reading...

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Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

Do you make a New Year’s resolution every year but find, more often than not, you have left it in the dust by Valentines Day?  This happens to the best of us, and it isn’t for a lack of trying, but likely a lack of realistic planning.

Often in the minutes leading up to the New Year we make a resolution that sounds like a really... Continue Reading...


It’s a New Year: Out With The Old And In With The New!

It’s a New Year and Now is a Great Time to Make Positive Changes in Your Life!

Make Changes To Your Life for the New Year! Many people make New Year resolutions and this has become tradition in large part because the New Year is like wiping the slate clean.  You can do away with bad habits, negative ways of thinking, and self defeating... Continue Reading...


Living a Prioritized Life is Easier than it Looks

Have you ever have someone tell you: "You need to get your priorities straight!"?  This is something that no one wants to hear because it means that somewhere along the path, we have gone wrong or let someone down.  

It can be hard to juggle all of the different priorities that represent the responsibilities in your... Continue Reading...


Time is of the Essence, Don’t Rush Your Day Away

Author: Ronnie Nijmeh,

We’ve all heard about that famous cup and whether it’s half full or half empty. People have gone on life-altering journeys and fought off bears, lions and tigers only to discover that its contents are merely a state of mind.

I never would have thought that the liquid that occupies... Continue Reading...


Shaking off Indecision

Starting a new chapter of your life brings a slew of important decisions to be made. Some will be essential, such as where you will live, but others will be trivial, such as whether to buy shampoo with conditioner or just simple shampoo.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to thoroughly think about a situation and how you might respond... Continue Reading...


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