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Workplace Stress Relief – Making a Living Without Making Yourself Crazy

Workplace stress is the number one reason people live their lives full of worry, anxiety, and frustration. It’s time to learn how to manage stress in the workplace stress without resorting to smoking, drinking, or food binges as a “relaxant.” That junk doesn’t work. Plain and simple.

Many of us are so used to being overworked that we hardly even take the time to think about it. But did you know that an overloaded work schedule is one of the top three causes of stress-related illness? Unless you deal with this stress, you just might end up missing work due to... Continue Reading...

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Stress Management Tips to Get You Through Your Day

Do you need tips for stress management to help you cope with day to day annoyances? Check out these stress management tips to handle the frustrations and annoyances of everyday life, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

There are many situations that can cause you stress throughout your day, but you don’t have to let these... Continue Reading...


What is Stress? Knowing the Effects of Inner Tension

“What is stress?”

Understanding this question is the first step toward developing and using stress management techniques to help you live a happier, more productive life.

At its most basic level, stress is a physical reaction to real or perceived negative events that occur in your life. To answer the question, “what... Continue Reading...


Top 10 Relaxation Techniques to Improve Your Life

Feeling stressed? Take a look at these 10 relaxation techniques you can easily use to reduce your stress, be more productive, and have more energy each day.

10 Easy Ways to a Calmer Day • Get some exercise! Getting out and physically moving around is one of the best stress relaxation techniques to help you deal with any stressful... Continue Reading...


Top 10 Ways to Beat Stress: Your Personal Wellness Arsenal

Stress affects us all. Period. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

Very few of us have the luxury of getting through a single day without feeling the stress of work, family concerns, or just everyday annoyances. But beating stress doesn’t mean you have to live in a cave and meditate all day. I want to share 10 ways to beat... Continue Reading...


Coping with Holiday Stress, Conflict, Fear, and Pain

According to the TV ads, sitcoms, and cartoons, the holidays are a time for good cheer and happiness. But you know the realities of dealing with holiday stress — they’re often much less jolly than the media would have us believe.

There are a number of things that come with the holidays that can create conflict in your life, and... Continue Reading...


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