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The Relationship Between Stress, Relationships, and Communication Video

In this video the host talks about why he has chosen a career in stress management, communication, and relationships. Stress is something that motivated him because everyone suffers from it and it triggers a lot of different illnesses. He chose to work with relationships because stress and relationships are linked, in fact most stress is caused by relationships with other people.

Communication just goes really well with the other two because a lack of communication is often associated with relationship problems which lead to stress. The result is that the combination of stress management,... Continue Reading...

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Letting Go of Stress and Control Video

Many of us stress because we cannot let go of the things that we cannot control. In this video host J.T. talks about how we actually take away from our happiness and the happiness of others when we try to control things that are out of our control.  Great tips are given to overcome stress and let go of that which we cannot control.

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Good Stress vs. Bad Stress Video

In this video, host J.T. explores the difference between good stress, also known as eustress, and bad stress, which is known as distress. While we often talk about stress in a negative manner, the host reminds us that it is essential to have some stress in life to keep us moving forward. Without good stress we definitely wouldn’t live up to our... Continue Reading...


Identifying Physical Signs and Symptoms of Stress Video

In this video, host J.T. explores the difference between the signs and symptoms of stress.   J.T. has a very conversational style and in this video he talks about how the signs and symptoms of stress cannot be ignored, instead you need to pay attention to the signs and find ways to recover from the stress.  When you don’t keep the symptoms... Continue Reading...



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