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Stephen Covey Video: Choosing Success

“You are not a captive of your circumstances.”

Thus says motivational mogul Stephen Covey. Too many of us have believed that events in the past will determine our future. Yet, what we overlook is the fact that we always have a choice. The things that go on around us are simply different stimuli, and our response is wholly dependent on us. It is our response that can charter the rest of the course in this journey called life. Therefore, Covey has one reminder to get us on the right track: be proactive.

Key Points from this Inspirational Video:

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Teamwork and Synergy – Success Video

This is a very unique way of showing the principles behind teamwork. It uses a combination of words and music to illustrate what happens when people work together and how much more people can achieve when they are in sync with each other.

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Inspiring Video About Family, Success and Balanced Life

This video talks about the life story of Jean Francois Gravelet, the great French tightrope walker and acrobat. He was known to be the first person who successfully crossed the Niagara Falls on a 335 long tightrope in only five minutes. His courage and success made him a well-known acrobat after performing daring feats high above the ground.
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What Leads to Success? Richard St. John Video

Richard St. John shares the secrets of success in this short, three-minute video. The points he discusses are a product of seven years of research after interviewing 500 people.

Using a slideshow, he presents the eight things that has led many people to success: Passion, work, focus, persistence, ideas, good work, push (from yourself or... Continue Reading...


The Don’t Song by Johnny and Chachi Video

Johnny and Chachi, co-founders of Get In Here Ministries, shares a song for married couples. Created in guise of a music video, the duo sings a song that reminds men to do their part in keeping their relationship healthy.

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Les Brown Video: Why People Fail

Les is a dynamic speaker with a powerful message. This short video provides several “a-ha” moments with insight into the reasons people fail. This video will get you thinking about your own road to success and perhaps shed some light on how to look at things differently to achieve the success you desire.

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