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Cardio Exercises for Kids: Healthy Kids Make Healthy Families!

by on March 12th, 2009
Cardio Exercises for Kids: Healthy Kids Make Healthy Families!

Kids today have so many video games and computer games available to them that often they seem to spend all their time sitting on the couch or in front of the computer. This has led to an increase in childhood obesity.

Exercising can be fun for kids if you find activities they will enjoy and will get their body moving. Here are some cardio exercises you can encourage your kids to engage in so they don’t run the risk of becoming overweight and developing serious health issues.

  • Play Tennis
    Tennis is a great sport for children because it helps with their hand-eye coordination and gives them a good cardio workout. It is also a great opportunity for them to meet other children.
  • Hacky Sack
    This is a fun and challenging activity that will help your child get better balance and coordination. It requires children to work together as a team. This is a good activity for children who don’t enjoy competitive sports.
  • Dance
    Some children might enjoy formal dance training while others would prefer dancing around the living room with you and the rest of the family. Both are good forms of exercise.
  • Active Video Games
    Not all video games will turn your children into couch potatoes. Video games that keep your kids active include Wii games like Wii fit and the Dance Dance Revolution games available on all gaming systems. These active video games are fun and encourages family time. Your child won’t know he’s exercising.
  • Soccer
    Soccer is the biggest competitive sport among children all over the country. Soccer helps develop good coordination and teaches children many useful sport skills while getting them in shape. Not all soccer leagues are competitive, though. Some play for fun without keeping score. If your child is interested in soccer, encourage him to participate in his school’s soccer team.
  • Swimming
    Swimming laps is a good way to get in shape without putting any stress on the joints. Swimming is something loved by the majority of children and can provide social opportunities for them as well. No pool? Check out your local gym, fitness facility or the YMCA.
  • Jumping Rope
    Your child can jump rope alone or with others in a group. There are many jump rope games to play and you can even compete against others in some cases.

Your child will be healthier and happier if you get him off the couch and involved in an activity he will enjoy. There’s no better gift you can give your child than the gift of good health and long life.

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