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Exercises for Infants… Really?

by on March 10th, 2009
Exercises for Infants… Really?

Exercise is good for people of all ages. No one is too young to exercise, not even babies. Even infants should get regular exercise so they can remain healthy and develop properly.

Everyone loves little babies whether they are smiling and babbling or crying and fussing. We all want the best for them, especially if they’re our babies. Many babies are a little chubbier than they should be and we usually think that the little rolls of fat are cute and add to the charm of a tiny baby.

Remember, though, that a chubby baby can grow up into an unhealthy adult. The extra weight may be due to a medical condition in some instances. You can start your child on the road to a lifetime of exercise when he is just an infant.

Getting the Proper Nutrients

Infants do not get any nourishment from food, just formula or breast milk. They need all the nutrients they can get to keep their little bodies going and to be healthy. Babies that get breast milk are not getting the same percentage of fat as babies on real milk or formula so they need to eat more often. Breastfed babies are hungry more times a day than infants who get nutrients from other sources.

Infants usually do not have a problem with their weight until they are old enough to start baby cereal as long as there are no medical problems that would cause weight gain. It is important to give babies solid foods in moderation. Since babies are not walking yet, they do not burn off calories as fast as older children. If you aren’t careful, you can overfeed your baby and this will put extra weight on him, which he won’t lose until he is moving around on his own more.

Exercising Your Baby

When you start giving your baby solid foods, make sure you do so in moderation so he can be healthy and just a little chubby. This is a great time to start doing exercises with your baby. What are baby exercises? There are simple things you can do with your baby to work his muscles and you should do these exercises on a regular basis.

Since little babies can’t really control the movements of their muscles independently you can help your baby with this. One thing you can do for your baby is learn about baby massage. This gives your baby’s muscles a slight workout and is also relaxing for the baby.

Often, a massage will help your baby fall asleep. It is often challenging to get a baby to sleep on a regular schedule and baby massage can help you out with this. Your baby will be calm and ready for sleep by the time you’re done giving him a massage.

A baby massage is a simple rub down of the baby’s body from the front to the back. You can give your baby a massage with or without aloe or lavender baby oil or other natural oils. Don’t forget to rub your baby’s head in a gentle, circular motion because this will help him sleep. Massage the entire length of your baby’s arms and legs, as well as his torso, one area at a time. The muscles will relax and this will be very calming for your baby.

Another form of baby exercise is to gently move your baby’s arms and legs around while you play with him on the floor. You can move his limbs in gentle, circular motions. This will help increase your baby’s range of motion, as well as help him stay alert and interested in what is going on while he’s awake.

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Exercises for Infants… Really?

by on October 7th, 2008
Exercises for Infants… Really?

It is never too early to begin exercising. Even small babies can benefit from exercise. Not only does exercise help babies learn key motor skills it helps calm them and teaches them actions needed when learning to walk. All infants start life weighing in at an average of between 7 and 8 pounds and increase steadily from there.

Babies start to look around at their surroundings right after birth and quickly learn to recognize their mother’s voice. Small newborns aren’t yet crawling and can’t even turn over by themselves. This is a vital time to start exercising with your child. While chubby babies are cute new research has found that these cuties can turn into overweight kids causing this pattern to follow them throughout life.

Parents can introduce exercise to their little one while bonding with them. It’s all fun and games at this point including exercise. Try joining a “mommy and me” class where you’ll learn the basics of exercising with a baby or just use your own floor as an exercise area. Start slowly by using short movements. Little ones need to feel secure so it’s important to keep them feeling safe throughout each entire workout. Choose easy exercises with repetitive motions. Move his or her arms and legs in short, gentle strokes.

At this time mom is likely trying to re-gain her pre-pregnancy figure. Working out using your infant as a weight helps the mom get toned while providing exercise for the little one at the same time. Exercise is good stimulation for your baby’s mind as well. Provide new interesting scenery for your baby so he stays attentive. During this point exercise sessions must be rather short – typically less than ten minutes each. Take your cue from your little one and don’t force exercise on a baby who is not ready. Remember that this should be a fun session.

There are other things you can do to make sure that your little one gets proper exercise. One thing you can do is vary the amount of time spent on their backs and stomachs. Get a baby exercise toy that you can use throughout the infant year. Even tiny babies enjoy trying to reach for hanging toys with their hands or feet. These movements help infants learn the beginnings of coordination. Place infants on their stomachs from time to time to work all of their muscles evenly. As babies start to crawl they open up a whole new arena for activities. Allow space to enjoy their newfound skill without harm.

As the baby starts to eat solid foods it’s important for parents to provide nutritious food while at the same time supplying the correct portions. Just because a baby asks for more doesn’t mean he needs it. Check to ensure that you’re feeding proper right food portions. Use a food pyramid to determine the correct types of foods to give each day. Regular doctor visits provide you with vital information about weight of your child. If baby starts to become too chubby you’ll need to increase exercise and check food intake. Recognize that excess weight could be symptomatic of a problem that should be checked by your pediatrician.

Starting fitness skills early will assist your baby in growing up fit and strong. Children who are introduced to exercise early in life are most likely to stay within recommended weight guidelines as they grow to adults and are less likely to become obese.

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