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Exercises for Kids: Health and Fitness Isn’t Just for Parents!

by on February 28th, 2009
Exercises for Kids: Health and Fitness Isn’t Just for Parents!

When children reach school age, they start developing an active social life. This is a whole new experience for them as they explore the world outside of their family and their home. It is an exciting time for children and parents both.

Your child is most likely participating in a gym class at school that gets him moving. Your child is also probably eating school lunches, which are perhaps not made up of the same foods you would give him if he were at home. Children who eat lunch or breakfast at school have new food choices so you should keep an eye on what your child is eating.

This is also the age when children become more conscious of their appearance and start to worry about how their bodies look. As children enter puberty, they develop and their body starts to change; they may even get a little chubby in some areas. They may be eating a lot of junk food when they are spending time with their new friends.

Encourage Your Child to Engage in Physical Activities

In this day and age, children are more likely to stay inside their room on their computer or play video games than play outside. This can negatively affect your child’s health. Children who are doing these things are not getting any sort of exercise and are not staying active like they should. They are also more likely to eat junk food when doing these things.

School age children need to be motivated to get moving and get some sort of exercise so it becomes a habit for them. You can get your child involved in a sport he loves or just go for walks as a family. Whatever you get your child to do to stay active should be something you can do with him to some extent. If your child is involved in sports, show interest by going to games and practices to cheer him on.

This is also the age when your child is ready to learn how to ride a bike or a scooter. Children this age love the freedom of riding around the block; they are coordinated enough to do it safely. Another fun thing for children is roller skating and skateboarding. These are all things children have been doing for many generations.

Turn Activities into Family Events

The most important thing you can do is make activities like a basketball game or hiking a family event. It is fun and educational to go for a hike at a local park and it’s a great form of exercise. Your child will love picking out his own hiking boots or other equipment.

Family games are a great idea and you can do more than play a board game. Have regular family games of basketball, baseball or soccer. Children will love doing these things with their family!

It is easy to find time for a quick game of basketball or tennis if you try. Put dinner in the oven and play with your child until the food is done. Even playing something like hopscotch or jumping rope as a family will get all your heart rates up and be great exercise.

If your child is interested in a team sports, be supportive and encouraging so he follows up with his interests. Your child will get a lot of exercise and also learn how to be part of a team, which is a valuable skill that will serve him well in life. Check out recreation centers in your area as they provide opportunities for you to participate in sports and other forms of exercise like swimming as a family.

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Exercises for Kids: Health and Fitness Isn’t Just for Parents!

by on October 7th, 2008
Exercises for Kids: Health and Fitness Isn’t Just for Parents!

By the time kids are in grade school they are making friends and learning to meet new people. Suddenly they are near peers and are not close to their mothers during the day. This gives them new freedom. Schools provide phys-ed courses that are perfect for introducing kids to many different activities. Youngsters are impressionable and will enjoy many types of new ideas.

This is the best time to continue to encourage physical activities at home. Stress the importance of fitness and provide opportunities for your child to participate in many types of sports or activities. There are many choices that are available for kids but if parents don’t place importance on them kids may prefer to stay inside and play video games or watch television. Technology has provided a new outlet for kids, which is likely to make them lazy, and can lead to obesity.

Diet is also increasingly vital at this age. Kids are away from home for much of the day and parents have less control over what their youngster is eating. Emphasize the importance of good diet. Also, provide nutritious dinnertime meals for the family to ensure that they eat properly. Don’t send kids off to school in the morning until they eat breakfast. Avoid junk food and fast food.

As children get older they reach adolescence. As their bodies start to change they will often start to see areas of fat on their bodies. Remind kids that this is perfectly normal and help them maintain a healthy body image. Support sports teams and plan weekend family activities to keep everyone active. Kids learn from their parents so it’s important for adults to stay active to be healthy role models for their youngsters. Provide healthy snacks and don’t keep junk food around the house. Minimize soft drinks and instead give juice, milk and water.

There are many different types of activities that kids this age enjoy. Bike riding is an excellent form of exercise that helps not only the muscles but also the cardiovascular system. Skateboarding, rollerblading and bicycle riding are all things your child can do at home. They might also like getting involved in organized sports such as baseball, football, basketball, volleyball and soccer. Local recreation facilities offer classes in gymnastics, karate, swimming and other sports. Let your child enroll in a different class each season to find one that interests him the most.

Always encourage your children to try new games and stay active while at home. Install a basketball hoop and make sure that each family member has a bicycle. Take family bike rides to the local park or take nature walks. In winter try skiing, snowboarding and sledding for fun. Make sure all seasons are covered. Your child may become interested in an activity that you are unfamiliar with. Nonetheless, learn what you can about it and help your child participate if possible. Never discourage physical activity.

The importance of getting kids involved in physical activity cannot be overstated. Children who regularly participate in sports and are active are developing good fitness habits that they’ll carry with them throughout their lives.

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