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Exercises for Toddlers: Healthy Living for Kids

by on February 22nd, 2009
Exercises for Toddlers: Healthy Living for Kids

Children improve a lot in terms of their motor skills as they grow out of infancy. Most children walk by eighteen months of age. They will still wobble and fall from time to time, but they will be able to get around on their own pretty well.

Before babies walk, they crawl to get where they want to go. Even when they’re learning to walk, they often go back to crawling from time to time. Even at this age, you can start your baby on simple exercises. You don’t have to follow a strict exercise regimen. Instead, just have fun using simple things to get your baby moving around.

Your Toddler and Nutrition

Toddlers are really starting to explore new foods as their teeth come in. This is an important time to start teaching your toddler about nutrition so she doesn’t become overweight. At this age, your toddler will want to eat anything and everything that she sees you eating.

If you want your toddler to develop good eating habits, you should lead by example. If your toddler sees you eating healthy foods, she’ll want to eat those foods too. Likewise, if she sees you eating junk food, don’t be surprised if your toddler wants to eat some too.

Still, you need to be careful about feeding your toddler everything you eat, even if they are healthy foods. It is best to slowly introduce new foods to your toddler so you can make sure she doesn’t have any food allergies.

Since children are open to new foods at this age, you can start feeding your toddler fresh produce; she’ll probably love it. You want to make sure your toddler is as healthy as possible and avoid any weight problems.

Encourage Play

Toddlers can definitely be tiring because they are always on the go. They want to do things themselves and are very determined and stubborn at times. They want to see and experience everything so they love running and exploring. Encourage this playfulness in your toddler because it is a great form of exercise. Keep your child moving by setting up activities at home or taking her to a local park full of things to explore.

Parks are great because there are so many things for your toddler to do and explore like slides, swings and things to climb on. The newer playgrounds are very safe as these have plastic equipment and soft areas under the equipment in case children fall. The equipment at a park is perfect for exercising your toddler’s muscles including her arms as she pulls up on and hangs from the bars, and her legs as she climbs and run. Your toddler won’t know she’s exercising because she’ll be having so much fun.

You can get similar results at home with a little creativity. A fun game like “Simon Says” where you have your child mimic your movements is great exercise. You can have your toddler use all her muscles in the game by lifting legs and arms, jumping, and more. The possibilities are endless! Dancing with your toddler is another fun activity that will be a great form of exercise. All you need is room to move and some music.

It is easy to get your toddler moving and keep her healthy. Your child is full of energy so all you have to do is harness that energy and encourage her to be active. It will be a fun bonding experience as well.

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Exercises for Toddlers: Healthy Living for Kids

by on October 7th, 2008
Exercises for Toddlers: Healthy Living for Kids

When children mature they begin to get increased management of their motor skills. When a baby reaches over a year old he or she will start to walk. The first stages of walking begin with short unsteady attempts until the steps are perfected. As they master walking they’re ready to be on the go. Get ready for a fun-filled stage!

Teach Movements

Before babies walk they crawl. You’ll often see little ones who are tired of trying to stand or walk revert back to crawling since they have already mastered that skill. Now is the best time to add exercise into their daily regime. Adding fun exercises that get kids moving can be better than trying to stick to a firm schedule. Kids this age have short attention spans. Start by teaching small arm or leg movements, hopping and jumping. Keep everything simple and don’t worry if they can’t master a task – just concentrate on motion. Even dancing can be fun for tots.

Healthy Diet

Now is the time to start introducing new and healthy foods to the toddler’s diet. New teeth mean they can chew foods that they weren’t able to eat previously. Toddlers are actually now at risk for becoming overweight. It’s more important now than ever to feed them foods that are suitable for their age. Giving them some foods may trigger food allergies. Kids at this age are discovering their own tastes so give them plenty of healthy choices. This is the ideal time to give new fruits and vegetables to put them on a lifelong road to a good diet.

Physical Routines

Toddlers are exuberant and seem to constantly be on the move. Tots like to discover things around them and move quickly while constantly having fun. Running and playing use most of the little one’s muscles including those in the arms and legs. Start now by helping tots learn how to organize actions into physical fitness routines. Keep movements simple and routines short. Try to include some short running activities that add aerobic exercise. Get them a tricycle to learn coordination skills. Practice routines together for added fun.

Take to the Park

Outdoor activities are great for this age group. Outside parks and play yards have many different types of play apparatus specifically for kids. The latest parks offer all types of ergonomic items that are just perfect for building little one’s strength. Spending time using this equipment will surely improve your child’s overall physical fitness level giving them a great workout. Best of all parks are built with safety in mind so there’s no need to worry. Look for parks specifically designed for tots. Try to visit several times per week.

Indoor Fun

Back at home you can start to teach some basic tumbling skills. Show little ones how to skip, roll, hop and jump. Try anything that is easy and allows for movements. Join in the fun so you’ll get some exercise at the same time. Throw in a little silliness since kids love to laugh. It’s great fun to exercise with your toddler. Enjoy time spent with your little ones and marvel at the joy they get in trying new actions. They will soon take pride in their newfound talents.

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