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Healthy Living and Exercise: Live to be 100!

by on March 4th, 2009
Healthy Living and Exercise: Live to be 100!

It is no longer unusual to hear about people living to be more than a hundred years old. You, and many others, may be wondering what these centenarians are doing right. It’s pretty simply, really. The secret is eating well and staying active. Think about how popular the Senior Olympics is and how many people participate in it. These people take their health seriously and it shows.

Your body changes as you get older but staying active will help keep these changes from happening as fast. Staying active is important for staying healthy as you get older and avoiding serious illness. You need to regularly participate in cardio activities to get your heart rate up. You need to work out all your muscles regularly as well. Take note, these activities do not have to be intense or high impact exercises.

Walking: A Great Form of Exercise for Senior

Walking can be as good as jogging for the elderly. When you walk, swing your arms along. If you can’t jog or run long distances, try an organized activity that is less physically intense. Things like tennis and basketball are actually good for your joints.

Do Some Strength Training

Strength training is important for the elderly to include in their exercise routines also. It is better for seniors to do more repetitions with a lower weight than to lift heavier weights. Do strength training a few times a week for best results. Make sure you exercise all your muscle groups.

You can increase your range of motion using free weights. You don’t have to do complicated workouts in order to do so. Basic exercises that work the biceps, triceps, legs and shoulders are very effective. Include push-ups and sit-ups in your workout.

The Benefits Seniors Can Get from Exercising

When seniors get into a workout routine, they often experience lower blood pressure and less pain in their body. Wouldn’t you want to experience the same? Not only that, you’ll be able to fall asleep and stay asleep at night, and you’ll feel more energized during the day. This means you can get more things done!

As you get older, it’s crucial that you get a balanced diet every day. You don’t necessarily have to go on a diet, but you should monitor your food intake and eat a lot of fresh produce. Cut back, or even completely eliminate if possible, on your consumption of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. Drink lots of water instead.

Many gyms offer special programs tailored to the needs of the elderly, so check out the gyms in your area. Many seniors, once they start working out and feel healthier, sometimes branch out to new exercises they never thought they would ever try.

Many of them play tennis, ride bikes and swim regularly. You too can do those things. It may take you some time to get to the point where you can participate in these activities but it can happen. The more active you are, the better you will feel.

Even if you are out of shape, do whatever you can to be active. It may mean that you begin your fitness journey with a short walk through the neighborhood. Breathe in and out and make sure you get enough oxygen when exercising. If you feel out of breath, slow down and wait a day to try again. You will build endurance every day.

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Healthy Living and Exercise: Live to be 100!

by on October 7th, 2008
Healthy Living and Exercise: Live to be 100!

People today are living longer than ever before in history. With medical advancements people are able to live to be older than ever thought possible. In fact, living to be 100 years old may soon be the norm and not the exception. How can you be prepared to live to 100?


Regular exercise can actually help to cure many of the aches and pains that happen as we age. Older adults don’t need to keep up the pace they did when they were younger. However daily exercise will help you stay younger and feel better as you get older. Choose exercises that you can easily do at home. Walking is one of the best physical activities you can do. Take a daily walk around the block.

Other exercises that you can do include flexibility exercises. Simple stretching helps keep the muscles toned and will assist you in avoiding many injuries. It’s best to start slowly and work your way up to a longer and more rigorous workout. There are many DVD’s and television programs that cater specifically to seniors. The exercises are less strenuous and many can be done while sitting to start with.

Aerobic exercise helps keep the circulatory system working properly. This is key to good health as we age. One great way to try aerobics is water aerobics. The water helps keep stress off the joints as you exercise and the water provides the perfect amount of resistance to help keep you toned. If you have participated in activities when you were younger you can continue to keep doing them. Just try to tone them down slightly. For example running can be too harsh on older joints so try brisk walking instead. If you’re new to exercise start out very slowly and always check with your doctor first.

Exercising will not only prevent future illnesses it can help to give you an overall feeling of well-being. Exercise helps your mind think more clearly and the result is that you’ll not only feel better but will think better as well. If you are overweight losing some of the extra pounds will go a long way towards helping your overall health.

Healthy Diet

Exercise is a great start to a healthy old age but another necessary component is a healthy diet. Eating right is important to overall health. Good diet coupled with regular exercise is the sure way to a healthy old age. You don’t need as many calories when you’re older but you still need nutritious food. The body slows down as it ages so eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep it going. Increase fiber intake to keep your digestion functioning properly. Lower your fat to keep cholesterol levels down.

Many older adults don’t like to cook for just one or two people. As a result they may not be eating properly. Try cooking a larger portion and freeze portions to eat later on. Use fresh ingredients as opposed to processed foods that can contain too many unnecessary ingredients. Cut back on red meat. Eat smaller portions of food – eat several small meals per day. This helps digestion and gives you a steady supply of fuel throughout the day.

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About the Author: Ronnie Nijmeh is an accomplished author, speaker and coach. He has been a featured expert on national television, radio, and print. Ronnie is the president and founder of ACQYR, an inspirational resource with free wallpaper downloads, affirmations, inspirational articles and much more. For interview requests or inquiries, call 1-877-438-3048 x. 3.

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