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Keeping the Romance Alive in 2009

by on January 15th, 2009
Keeping the Romance Alive in 2009

A lot of relationships struggle this time of year because we just got through the holidays and now we are back to the daily grind. As a result, a lot of people just aren’t giving to their relationship what they should; in fact many people are waiting until Valentines Day to spice things up again!

Why? You should work on making your relationship as healthy and enjoyable every day of the year and every moment of the day!

Simple Ways to Keep the Romance Alive in Your Relationship

  1. Do or say something nice for your partner every day.
  2. Thank your partner when they do things for you.
  3. Bring home a little something for them, such as their favorite candy.
  4. Leave them little love letters in their briefcase, purse, or in their car.
  5. Call to tell them you love them for no reason.
  6. Write them a meaningful card.
  7. Dance with your partner.
  8. Talk to them and really listen, too.
  9. Have a positive attitude about your relationship.
  10. Make your relationship a priority every day.

When you follow these seemingly simple tips to keep the romance alive in your relationship you will find that your relationship really blossoms when others are struggling or just a bit stale. Why wait for Valentines Day when you can have romance today?

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About the Author: Rachel Johnson is a mom, freelance writer of 10 years, and self-help extraordinaire who lives with her three beautiful girls and husband in Southeast Texas. She is working with ACQYR to provide personal growth development stories and articles.

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