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New ACQYR Products

Want to be better prepared to handle all obstacles that come your way? Need to boost your productivity and reputation? Want to become a valuable and indispensable member of your team? We can help you.

Our goal is to provide you with the learning tools you need to put yourself a step ahead of the competition so you can excel in both your personal and professional life.

Looking for a comprehensive solution-based approach to stress? The Stress Factor – Stress Management Program is for you.

ACQYR - The Stress Factor - Stress Management Program

The Stress Factor – Stress Management Program

  • ACQYR Stress Toolkit – Tips, tools, and stories to help you manage your stress
  • ACQYR Stress Solutions Guide – 30 common problems solved with over a hundred suggested solutions
  • Easy to read reference-style packaging & design
  • Much more…

ACQYR Skills Products

Looking for the fundamentals on stress relief or conflict resolution? The 16-page ACQYR Stress Relief handbook or the 16-page ACQYR Conflict Resolution handbook are for you.

ACQYR Stress Relief - Stress Elimination, Stress Management, Stress Less

ACQYR Stress Relief handbook includes:

  • 6 Myths about Stress
  • Developing Relaxation Competencies
  • Interviews with Stress Expert Dr. Melissa Stoppler and Former US Army Fighter Pilot, Rick Poe
  • Strategies Through Stories: “A Colleague Clash” and “An Untimely Crunch” Case Studies
  • BONUS: ACQYR Stress Relief Worksheet
  • Much more…

ACQYR Conflict Resolution - Resolve Conflict, Conflict Solutions, Conflict Management

ACQYR Conflict Resolution handbook includes:

  • Identifying and Managing the Creation of Conflict
  • Positive Conflict Styles and Behaviors
  • Interviews with Expert and Consultant Michael Sheard, MBA and Mediator Grant Dow, LL.B.
  • Strategies Through Stories: “A Disastrous Job Promotion” and “Unequal Business Partners” Case Studies
  • BONUS: ACQYR Conflict Resolution Worksheet
  • Much more…

Learn more about ACQYR Services including seminars and personal coaching.

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