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Stress Busters for Moms – Sanity Saving Tips for Stressed-Out Mothers

by on March 7th, 2007
Stress Busters for Moms – Sanity Saving Tips for Stressed-Out Mothers

Stress Busters – 5 Sanity-Saving Tips for Busy Moms

You see them on television, shuttling kids off to soccer practice in the minivan (perfectly coiffed, of course) or dusting the living room and cleaning bathroom with a huge Stepford-wife smile. But the reality is often a little different. Sometimes a lot different!

Whether you’re a juggling a home life and career or you stay at home to take care of the kids full-time, it all results in the same thing – a long day of putting everyone and everything first but yourself.

From getting the kids ready for school in the morning to tucking them in at night, it’s a long day. Here are a few stress buster tips designed especially for busy moms!

If You Ever Find Yourself “Losing It” Take a Time-Out

Let’s face it, everyone has one of THOSE days when you’re tired, patience has run thin and the stress is overwhelming. If you feel like you are about to snap, remove yourself from the situation. Go to a quiet room for at least a minute. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Repeat. Visualize the way you would like to handle the situation, and work toward that goal. Remind yourself how important it is to stay in control of your emotions and in control of your actions.

Eat Well

Stress is a part of life. But a healthy diet goes a long way toward helping us feel better and coping with stress. Stress hormones actually rob the body of many vitamins and nutrients. When you’re an on-the-go mom, it can be easy to grab what is convenient. And often convenience and health may not always go hand-in-hand. In the evenings prepare “grab bags” of veggies and fruit. Resist the “coffee and go” approach to the mornings. Always start your day with a balanced breakfast. Throughout the day, try to get a variety of multi-grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and lean meats. Refer to government health guide recommendations for exact amounts.

Use the Buddy System

Develop a buddy system with a non-judgmental friend or several friends that can be used as effective network to talk about the troubles of the day, vent a little and blow off some steam. Friends are excellent listeners. They can provide helpful insights and advice, or sometimes, just remind you that you’re not alone in this world. If you don’t have a network around you, keep in mind that there are lots of online mom discussion groups that offer helpful tips, funny stories, “from the field” advice, support and a sharing environment.


Ideally, try to get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. If you can’t always, a mid-day power nap can do wonders! Unfortunately, when it comes to stress, sleep can be a bit of a tricky situation: stress often inhibits our ability to get a good night’s sleep, which is exactly what we need to better deal with stress! Some tricks to encourage a proper night of rest are relaxation and meditation techniques including breathing exercises, prayer and reflection on the positive part of each day, gentle stretching, a warm bath, or journaling to reflect on the day. Try to main a routine sleep and wake time, even on the weekends. Never bring your laptop or work materials to your sleeping environment.

Schedule YOU into the Day

When you have children, there are constant demands on your time. So, in addition to taking moments to relax where you can, such as listening to relaxing music in the car, ensure that you schedule some “me time” into your day. It can be as simple as lunch with a girlfriend, a quick 10 minutes at the manicurist, or an hour-long soak in the tub. Take time to refuel and give yourself the time you deserve. It can be a trip once or twice a week to the gym, or some time each day to be able to curl up with a book. Connect with your spirit on a deep and emotional level – whether it is through prayer, meditation, journaling or acts of kindness. You’ll feel good in the inside as well as the outside!

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