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Here are just a few comments we’ve received from readers all around the world. How have we touched your life? Contact Us!

“I can’t thank you enough for your support. You have been extremely encouraging and have helped me stay balanced during what has turned out to be a very tough week mentally. I used to say to people that on tough days if I didn’t have a heart attack that day, I’d never die!! But this week tested me and I’m still here at the end of the week. Thanks again.”
-David O.

“I just want to say that I really appreciate you taking the time to see how things are going and offering me such great suggestions for reducing my stress. Not too many people in my life do that. Everyone is so busy these days, you know? Doing what, I have no idea! Everybody is running around stressing themselves out even more in my opinion.”
-Melissa F.

“ACQYR’s skills series consist of clear and practical resources that tackle everyday work related stresses.  Thought provoking facts and quotes, proven theory and interesting interviews are used to reinforce concepts that we can all use to make our work life more enjoyable.”
–Christine Arsenault, Co-op Management Program Manager at the University of Toronto

“Stress now comes as standard – there’s no escaping it. But how much is useful? And how much is damaging? ACQYR Stress Relief is a useful primer that gives an overview of the different forms of stress and some actions you can take to reduce it.”
–Michael Bungay Stanier, Box of Crayons, 2006 Canadian Coach of the Year

“As a Professor who teaches courses in business and management, and as a consultant who runs training workshops, I am impressed with ACQYR’s brief and colourful workbooks. These inform and educate in an entertaining way, and the worksheets are sure to be useful to any management trainer looking to engage and involve course participants.”
-Chris Bovaird, University of Toronto and Bovaird & Associates Management Training

“I find myself checking out your website quite a bit, as I draw from the motivation and words of experience. I recently started my own business as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne, and love the personal development path that it has taken me on. I have large goals now, and like everyone with goals, I need a little push of encouragement once in awhile.  I was searching online for articles and books and came across your website! I started by adding one of your inspirational wallpapers to my desktop, and then I spent a couple hours reading your articles. I also enjoy being able to “chat” with you. Thank you.”
-Susie Rustad

“I enjoyed how down to earth this session was. I’m highly inspired and motivated again! This session is very relevant to my exact needs and I gained a lot of useful insight.”
-Douglas H., ACQYR Business Builder seminar participant

“I enjoyed and appreciated having the concise, yet, comprehensive hand-out, and having my mind fed some “food for thought!” I valued your time, energy, and desire to help and most of all your encouragement. Thank you!”
-Rochelle R., ACQYR Business Builder seminar participant

“The Network to the Top! seminar could not have been the exceptional event it was without the help of ACQYR. Every participant left the event with a new sense of knowledge, greater confidence and left knowing how to effectively network!

Ronnie Nijmeh presented a very informative and interactive seminar highlighting the key points of networking while making it all seem simple. Every participant learned a great deal through ACQYR’s models such as the U-NO principle and the W5H concept. And above all, Ronnie is simply a great person to work with as he goes out of his way to help. Thanks Ronnie!”
–Management and Economics Students’ Association (MESA)

“The presentation was very helpful. Questions that I had about networking were answered in depth. I learned new things that will be very useful in the future.”
–Amelin C., ACQYR Networking seminar participant

“I enjoyed your story telling, it made the information come to life! Everything was well co-ordinated and presented. I really got the U-NO part. It got me thinking about what I have to offer.”
–Phoenix W., ACQYR Networking seminar participant

“The products that ACQYR offers work. They provide simple yet effective solutions to manage everyday problems. The ACQYR Stress Relief handbook is excellent; the interviews, facts and inspirational quotes are invaluable learning material that will help you take control of your life.  Best of all, the material is easy and fun to read!”
–Sanjeev Patel BBA, CA, KPMG

“I am the technical editor of a monthly E-newsletter.  I spend a lot of time looking for free reprint articles.  When I found (through a Yahoo search), I found a source for easy to read and direct to the point articles.  My favorite article is “Success – No Intelligent Required.” Ronnie put into words what a lot of people knew.  Every month I visit to see what new articles are available.  Keep up the good work.”
–Katherine R.

“Personally, ACQYR represents an engine that resolves the ambiguities and obstacles of daily life. Whenever I’m in search for some motivation or looking to improve myself in one way or another, ACQYR is my first pit stop.  Keep this wonderful piece of work going! Thanks.”
–Jagjot S.

“I really think that ACQYR is a very good website. I haven’t had time to read the articles yet (there are so many!), but I was able to take a look at some, and I’d say it’s pretty good and helpful. Again, thank you.”
–Cristina B.

“I’ve got to tell you that the ACQYR Skills reports are amazing. From the content to the paper you’ve printed them on, the reports have absolutely exceeded every expectation I had. The format is easy to read, the graphic design is fun and useful, and of course the content is relevant and accurate. Oh yeah, and your “worksheet,” the added insert, takes your reports to a whole other level! Very impressive. Huge value for my buck!”
-Jackey Backman, Speaker & Writer, One Spirit Inc.

“I live in Japan and here we have unlimited technologies, uncountable temples and millions of people, but what we don’t have is guidance. Everyone is busy, everyone is grinding his own mill. But your e-mail newsletter is like a light in the darkness. It gives me a lot. It helps me move towards achieving my goals in my life… Thanks.”
–Ari N.

“I know you are doing a great job. Keep up the hard work and continue the good work you are doing. I will always keep in touch. Thanks a lot.”
–Godson T.

“Thank you very much for your valued time and support. Your advice helps me to improve my confidence level. I will do my best as per your advice and I will be in touch with you later.”
–Eapen J.

“Thank you for your gracious article.  It is encouraging, especially during this time of year when I reflect on how much there is to be grateful.”
–Blaine B.

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