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What are Affirmations?

Ronnie Nijmeh was interviewed by the Society of Leadership & Success where he discussed Positive Affirmations, what “affirmations” are, and what they can do for you.

You can listen to the audio recording of this interview (6min 20s) or read the notes below:

The power of affirmations really reside in the power of words.

Words REALLY ARE powerful. Words evoke emotions. Words create images in our minds. Words can persuade. Words can truly transform the course of history.

Just think of any famous speech, or even a famous movie line.

Put simply, affirmations are positive statements that activate your mind to accomplish great things.

You likely have heard of visualization techniques where you create mental images that allow you to SEE your success in your mind.

Well, affirmations are the same.

Affirmations PROGRAM your mind with positive thoughts and actions and help you FOCUS ON and ACHIEVE your goals.

For example, if you struggle with a negative self-image, you might say:

I deserve a healthy body and mind.

I am worthy of everything. No one can steal my dignity.

Through the power of repetition, your mind will CONSTANTLY be working to affirm and achieve your goals.

Here’s another example, if you’re lacking confidence in yourself or your future, you might say:

My life is full of success.

My vision for my future is real and it is within me, today.

I am a magnet for incredible opportunities.

The first thing you’ll notice is that these affirmations are in the PRESENT tense — not the past or future. You must focus on the NOW. Your past does not determine your future and your future isn’t written in stone. You can only LIVE and ACT in the PRESENT MOMENT.

The second thing you’ll notice is that these affirmations focus on the POSITIVE.

You want your mind to fixate on POSITIVE images, and that’s why it’s critical to choose ONLY positive words for your affirmations.

In fact, your brain doesn’t even process negatives!

So if you say: “I am NOT fat.” your brain actually hears “I AM fat.”

If you say: “I am NOT going to smoke.” your brain hears “I AM going to smoke.”

So instead, you must spin your affirmations into a positive statement. For example:

I am healthy and deserve the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

I am getting healthier, happier, and richer.

Or when trying to avoid that cigarette, you might say:

I am free from any desire to smoke.

I enjoy breathing effortlessly and deeply.

Affirmations have an incredible power over our thoughts and actions.

In fact, one of the greatest features of the human mind is that it can think and imagine what has yet to BE. Your mind can envision situations that are different than the present moment, and create entirely new possibilities, literally out of thin air.

And this gives YOU the amazing opportunity to create a future very different than the present reality, where your fears, worries, and weaknesses are completely replaced with confidence, strengths and success.

It’s one thing to just recite the affirmation. But it becomes truly life altering when you follow it up with actions. Your actions must be in congruence with your affirmation and your life goals. After all, what you DO affects who you BECOME.

You CAN transform your life. You CAN reach your goals. You simply have to give yourself permission to do so, then DO it.

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